We are a couple that lives in Stockholm and loves interior design. As many people do, we live in a flat where we share the bathroom with our guests, which is why - being the design aficionados that we are - we always want to make it look fresh, nice and clean. Not just for our guests, but also for ourselves.


But this is a challenging task considering all the accessories one keeps in the bathroom. So in order to make ours look nice we bought the usual soap dispensers, matching towels, wooden toothbrushes and the best smelling candles we could find. Still one thing wasn't really matching with the rest: the always eyecatching toothpaste! We simply agreed to hide it after every use so we didn't have to see it more than necessary, but unfortunately, our agreement didn't last for too long. We found ourselves forgetting to hide the toothpaste and the harmonious design we had worked so hard to obtain was quickly gone... it was time to get creative.


That is how The Design Cover came to life.

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